Monday, June 14, 2010

How Far Can My Mind Be Stretched?

Wow what a great day in Emerging Instructional Technologies. Even though I felt my mind being stretched in many different directions, it was a good stretch. Between twittering on Twitter, creating a PLN on iGoogle, creating a social bookmarking website on diigo, and best of all, skyping with FlatClassroom teacher, Vicki Davis, I drove home my mind a little exhausted.

Once I got home, I enjoyed a nice meal of maple smoked ribs with my husband, did some ironing, and baked cookies for the potlock tomorrow. =-) Then I sat down to look at the RWLD for tomorrow. I started out creating my punk rocker avatar, Stacy Biscuit, on SecondLife. Then I started to explore as well as watch the videos Prof. Zeitz posted for us to watch. My avatar would walk along as I tried to keep her on the path in the Welcome Community. I do believe she may already have a few concussions from our first flying lessons when I would drop her accidently from the sky. (Hit the page down button. You have more control of the descent.) Yeah, I would have to admit that this brain was just about stretched to its capacities of all the possibilities available to us and our students. But as I try to remember before I start to exercise, you first have to stretch before you go the distance.



  1. Yes, you have to stretch before you exercise. It will be important for you take your new conditioning and use it with your students.


  2. Love the metaphor! So perfect for the situation. If it are not stretching alone.