Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are TV's Becoming Obsolete for the Classroom?

I was at our school board meeting the other night. One of the agenda items they discussed was getting TV bids for the classrooms in our new elementary. One of the board members inquired about presenters but it seemed that the decision had been made to get televisions for all the classrooms instead of presenters. Maybe it was a cost issue or maybe it was a decision by the teachers. But it made me wonder: are we getting behind the times with buying televisions? Will most teachers be asking for a presenter in a couple of years? It made me also think about the last time I used a television. When I started teaching 6 years ago, I hooked up a document camera to a television to show documents. My second year I got a presenter that was hooked up to my computer, document camera, and VCR/DVD. It was so much easier to flip between all the different tools and it gave me more opportunities in my classroom.

So I was wondering how many of you still use a television in your classroom? If you do use a television, how many would prefer to use a presenter?


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  1. We just had that same conversation in our district. We opted for the projector, VCR/DVD, doc camera all hooked up to our computer and kept the tv's in our room. Next year, we will be discussing internet tv and getting rid of all the tv's in every classroom. I love my new system. We had the same thing with an Averkey hooked up to our tv so we could show our computer screen to the classroom and that works ok, but nothing like my projector system. I would prefer to not have a tv at all.