Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Google Docs..Where have You Been All My Life??

What an exciting week it has been at Emerging Instructional Technologies!! We have an phenomenal class who has been wonderful to get to know and learn from!! I can't wait to see what the next two years has to bring. Maybe when we are done with class at UNI, we will have to create our own Second Life island to "keep our groove going" (especially for Bill and Sara =-)!!!) I enjoyed learning about Second Life and seeing what you can find there. It is a whole another world where it seems that through your avatar, you can truly have new experiences. (It is kind of ironic that as I type this, my husband seems to be experiencing a "second life" of his own as his avatar "Iowa State Football Team" destroys all the teams that have left the Big 12 on NCAA 2010. Here is a recent article about that situation.) Now how to incorporate this into the classroom? I might have to take some time looking at Sara's suggestions on her blog.

Now to why I have been waiting for Google Docs all my life. Well maybe just the last 6 years of my teaching career. I like to do a lot of group work in my class. However, I do not like it when we do group work when one student works on the computer and the other members sit around and watch. Why don't I like this? Well, for one, there are students sitting there not doing anything. The other is that the person on the computer is probably doing his/her idea and then the collaborative work is gone. With Google Docs, everyone can have an input and be working on the same document AT THE SAME TIME!! Everyone can record their ideas and then the group can collaborate on what looks good and what needs to be changed. I can't wait to incorporate this into my classroom next year!!!

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