Saturday, December 3, 2011

Universal Design for Learning-- Am I on the Right Track?

As I was looking at the CAST UDL Lesson Builder website's examples of UDL lesson plans, I thought that when I actually create my lesson plans, I am not too far away of creating plans that are designed to meet the needs of all my students. So I decided to take a unit I teach in my Introduction to Business class where we research different economic systems and what makes a country successful to find ways I can help all my students find success in my classroom.. What I found I needed to improve on was offering different avenues for my students to express their ideas. If we were to have a class discussion, I added ways for the students to express their opinions before the discussion. I also tried to make sure there were two ways for students to view information, whether through audio or visual.

To see what I came up with, click here. And please feel free to add any suggestions!! I hope I am starting to get on the right track for creating lesson plans that are designed for all of my students to learn successfully.

One more thing!! Here is an updated photo of Luke, who is almost 2 months old. Time is flying too fast!! This is one of his first professional photos. Already a model!!


  1. He is adorable! Your unit sounds like a great project for students to engage in. At the beginning you mentioned that you would have the questions in a Google Doc. Does that mean each student will have their own computer to work on as they are listening/watching the material?

  2. This sounds like a very interesting unit. I like giving the student's choices throughout the unit. If it would be appropriate, there are slide shows of pictures of families from all over the world with all the stuff in their house and a weeks worth of groceries. Very eye opening for students to see these images. Just a thought I read through your lesson plan. Love the picture of your son, they are just so amazing!!!

  3. Wow, you have done quite a bit of work here Stacy. I went through you World Economic system of the world. That would be a taunting subject to teach I think. You have done quite a good job outline the materials that would use to teach different academic ability kids.